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unrealistic. can't honk.

other than that, this game is pretty cool




0/10. cant honk.

very cool. kinda broken ngl

Hows fnaf 2 going


very disappointed cause i cant use my controller but it is amazing.


Hope you are doing well in fnaf 2

do you have a rrelease date for fna 2


I am actually very close to finishing, it's just that there are more bugs than on a dead horse's body... Once I've got a version that is playable it'll be published. I can't give an acurate date but probably before july 14th. Maybe. Hopefully...

take your time

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You know, i joined just to say i'm compelled in this demake of FNaF, but unfortunatly, you left out some stuff, that may be intentional due to the low sound fidelity and processing capacity. But if you want to take suggestions, let me know...

By the way, you probably don't have a exe version of this, do you?

"More bugs than on a dead horse's body?" Damn. That's funny af, but seriously, I hope it all works out! I can't wait to scare myself again. :)


Uhm how do you play

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left and right: move

z/y: ports

x: lights

down arrow: camera

up arrow: mute call

to change camera is left or right arrow


when switching from cam 11 to cam 1, chica's cupcake flashed for a brief moment? Anyone else getting that?

This also happened to me

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Who else got into a staring contest with Bonnie on Night one while he was on the stage?

And played with the doors and caused yourself earrape with them?

Just asking. (I did)

If I have to watch them disappear while I'm looking at them one more time-

Any news on the second one? (sorry if there isn’t going to be one I just remembered seeing a post about it somewhere in the comments)

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There is going to be ona and I am currently working on it!

Unfortunately my sound guy just kinda vanished, so I'll have to do that myself, wich might take some time. But the development is finally comming along great.

I wanna say that it could be finished by the end of may, but please don't quote me on that.

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not wanting to be arrogant (but being lol) this game was even better than the original because of the graphics (I think).

man, why such a bizarre bonnie?


Thanks for the compliment! That's rather flattering than arrogant.

Why is bonnie bizarre?

I'm not complaining (sorry to bother you)

You're not bothering anyone! As a gamedev I really like criticism because it allows me to improve my games. Don't be afraid to tell people when they're doing something wrong.

And stop apolegizing!

no, no, you didn't do anything wrong, the game is perfect the way it is

That IS a bizarre Bonnie. I just now noticed it!

is golden freddy in this




I love you too!

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IS there a release date for the second one yet 

dam bonnie

right?? why is he so weird looking??

6am lets gooooooooooooooooooo

wow sooooo good

hows fnaf 2 going

Not as great as it could be...

This is so well made, and I love it. The graphics are beautiful and have that perfect classic feeling. It's very comfortable to control as well. Overall, this is a very pleasant experience. 

very well made, idk if this is a bug but Freddy will come out of no where and jumpscare when I never saw him leave the stage.

Glad you liked it!

On wich night does the glitch occur? Could it be that another animatronic is jumpscaring you but it shows the wrong animation?

Your feedback helps me improve future games!

Night 5, and I don’t think it’s another animatronic, I checked both doors right before it happened no one was there. Plus I saw most of them near the dining area.



awesome luv it. any progress on fnaf 2


Currently working on it! But I'm really unhappy with how the office looks, will revise that...

that was sooo cool, i love it <3

Wow! Is my favorite game with beautiful pixel art here? Hooray!

What is the door keys?

Y or Z

i would love to play it on an emulator

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Do y'all have any plans to make it a nes rom, or make it play on some type of Nintendo hardware?


the description is so cool lol. great game!! good job :33

Quick questions: How long will FNaF 2 take and what will be the controls and what percentage is FNaf 2 complete of?

How long will it take: No idea, at this rate the clesest to a release date I could give is March.

What will be the controls:

•Vent lights: Dpad left/right

•Flashlight: A

•Camera: Dpad down

•Mute call: Dpad up

•Freddy mask: B

•Wind up music box: Dpad up while in cam 11

The gamepad controls will be mapped to a keyboard, but I don't know how yet.

How completed is it: About 12%, I'm currently working on the craphical assets, which takes a lot of time.

I hope that answers all your questions!

Thanks! also btw, why isnt there download versions? it keeps resetting me to night 1 each time  i play again, also do you have a discord i can friend req to see the progress of the game? if so then okay! (btw are you gonna make animated jumpscares?)

Fnaf 2 NES will be downloadable!

I don't have a discord server but you can send me a friend request Endoblance#4387

I would really like to have animated jumpscares, but unless I find an artist that helps me out this would probably be to time consuming.

thanks for the response! ive already added you on discord! you can maybe try making animated jumpscares, it will take alot of time, but you have a game that almost took forever and its not even that popular! maybe sometime dawko or fusionz or marisu will play if you make animated jumpscares! they make the experince more frightning, also, for a solo game dev youre pretty good at making games! (are you gonna make custom night tho?)

I want fnaf 2 to be the full expierience. So custom night, minigames and even easter eggs will be a thing!

game e awsome but can you make a fnaf two version

Already workin' on it!

wow thank you for my feed back so quikly

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by the way if you share the second fnaf nes game with fuzionzgamer that would be awesome

Feel free to recommend these games to whoever you like!

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do you need any help on the games sounds for fnaf 2 because i want to help you for make this game's audio sound cool. plz

Sure! I'll take any help I can get! My Discord is WAISFOWAG#4387

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thanks, what sounds do you need. send me a list. and ill send links to through this chat, oky

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Very good! Well optimized, I really liked the game, congratulations!

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really good work


add custom night please other than that it's really fun and stressful! you did a great job on porting this game to a nes style game that is easy to control and play


Great game you can connect some NES like controller, map buttons and play it. It would be interesting if there is an actually physical port for the NES because it fits and should be able to run on the NES.

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If you have a controller hooked up to your pc, you can play with it!

But I don't think, that it could run on an nes because the code might be to suvvisticated, but mostly because of the static. The static would probably fry the nes's 2kb ram. But who knows, maybe a fnaf/nes enthusiast might attempt such a thing...

EDIT: I've checked, this game uses up to 120MB of RAM!


So basically this can run on almost anything!

Pretty cool and interesting how you put a complex game like this. Kind of scared me when bonnie just teleported from the stage to my door.


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